B2B Doc Travel Support

If your film project has been selected to a major European pitching session and training program, you can apply to B2B Doc for travel support to attend it.

You can apply for B2B Doc travel support if:

  • - Your film project has previously attended the B2B Doc workshops or trainings;
  • - You need to raise funds to cover the transportation costs and/or accommodation during the pitching session or training program in Europe, where your film project has been selected.

In the application form you will provide B2B Doc with the dates and preliminary costs to be covered. If your application has been approved, our travel agent will send you the available variants for travels and accommodation and then issue the tickets for you and book the hotel. You will receive the itinerary and hotel voucher by e-mail.

B2B Doc travel support doesn’t cover:

  • - Accreditation and participation fees;
  • - Per diem costs;
  • - Food costs and meals at the event;
  • - Local transportation;
  • - Local tourist taxes and fees, which are not included into the ticket price or hotel voucher.

Log in into the B2B Doc database to fill in the Travel Support application form.