B2B Doc is a network, created by filmmakers, run by filmmakers and aimed to support the filmmakers’ professional interests. B2B Doc is a network of professional friendship: at B2B Doc we do not compete with each other at the film market, we support each other instead.

B2B Doc is promoting democratic values, we respect race, nation and gender equality of filmmakers with different cultural origin.


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  • B2B Doc is a tutor: we help you professionally develop your film project, so that you can present it at the market;
  • B2B Doc is a match-maker: we put you together with your colleagues from other countries, who are looking for the stories like yours or need your production experience;
  • B2B Doc is a financier: if your project, trained and supported by us, has been selected to any of major co-production markets, pitching sessions, or educational platforms, you may apply to us for the travel grant to attend them.
  • B2B Doc is NOT a production company: you have to be able to run your film production yourself, or we can help you to find a partner to do this;
  • B2B Doc is NOT a film fund: we are not funding your production, but we can lead you to the existing financial opportunities and train how to use them;
  • B2B Doc is NOT a commercial body: we don’t charge for any membership fees and you don’t need to repay us for our services, just make the good film - we’ll share your happiness about this.